The Firm was founded in 2003 by Amir Ohebsion based on a simple principle: Provide Big Firm service and excellence, at a fraction of the cost. In addition to the services of Amir and Jason, the Firm regularly engages carefully screened attorneys from a range of disciplines to assist clients in whatever challenge they may face. By maintaining a lean and efficient core team of attorneys, the firm is able to avoid the significant pressures present at larger firm to generate income from young associates, support staff and office services, which often add little value relative to their associated cost.

In addition, the firm has focused on relationships where it can fill the role of general counsel at small and medium businesses, allowing those businesses to avoid the need to have a full time attorney on their payroll, while benefiting from an experienced, single point of contact that can oversee the company's entire legal function.

Amir Ohebsion
Lead Counsel

Jason M. Garlick